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Hubby's page

This is my husband, Daniel.  He is a great preacher and missionary, but best of all, he's a great daddy.

Daniel holding Johanna the day she was born

10 December 2005
On this date, Daniel was driving a group of Guatemalan people, mostly pastors and their wives, home from Guatemala City where they all had enjoyed a wonderful week-long soulwinning conference.  As they traveled the curvy roads through the mountains, a terrible accident occurred when a bus struck their van almost head-on!  Daniel's legs were pinned in and his face and head were wounded.  Others suffered broken bones, and one sister in Christ went to be with the Lord soon after the accident.
He had lost consciousness a few times, but had someone call me so he could tell me what had happened.  People were able to free Daniel's legs after about an hour, and he was taken to the nearest hospital.  God's hand of protection was upon him all this time, and I am certain the He preserved Daniel's life because there is unfinished business to do here in Guatemala!

Daniel's teaching Joseph the fine art of SLAMDUNK.


September 2004  Daniel with the United States Ambassador to Guatemala.


That's what I love about my Sweetheart.  He can run with the big dogs, but he's not too big to enjoy a Happy Meal from time to time!


This is not a GMC advertisement! :o)  We just took care of this suburban for a while when some missionary friends of ours went to the States.  Notice Daniel and Little Daniel in the back seat.