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Jessica's page

Jessica is our sweet, smart six-year-old.  She likes homeschooling, making things, and helping Mom in the kitchen. 

This is Jessica when she was presented with her first Spanish Bible.

February 2005  Losing her first baby tooth.


4 January 2005
Jessica came to me and told me about this conversation she had with an older neighbor girl.  The girl asked her if she could read, and Jessica said yes.  So the girl handed her a piece of paper to read, and Jessica said, "I can't read Spanish..."
The girl responded, "Then you can't read!"
Jessica was giggling about it when she told me.  I assured her that as soon as she masters reading English, I'd start teaching her to read Spanish!

She is our social butterfly, and has many friends among the Guatemalans in our town, and in Cantel where we work.


May 2004  Jessica was baptized by her Daddy at Calvary Baptist Church about a month after she received Jesus as her Saviour.


TOO much syrup on the pancakes this morning!