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Jillian's page

Jillian is our shy, tender-hearted four-year-old.  She loves preschool, playing with her dolls, and helping to take care of her younger siblings.


Sunday School at the mission in Cantel.


September 2004
Jillian, Jessica and I were doing school one morning, and were playing the game, "What Am I?"  I had several clue pictures on the wall for them to guess from.  For the picture of a net, I gave the clues, "I have a handle.  You can catch butterflies with me."
Jillian shouted, "A hammer!!"

12 June 2004  She was amazed at the tiny features of her newborn baby sister.  Jillian really notices details, and was delighted by Johanna's little round toes.


Here's Jillian, loving on Caleb Frazier, one of our little friends in Texas.